Thursday, December 03, 2009

Last of the Year

I'm not sure why I feel a compulsory need to blog right after every single endo appointment.(there's only so many times I can do this without boring everyone off) But I do,so here it is.

I wasn't expecting miracles out of my a1c. (my sole requirement was that it not be worse.Thanksgiving week was a doozy.)

And then, in walks my endo....pregnant!(6 months, to be exact.Maybe she'll have a Valentine's Day baby. Which means she'll be going off on maternity leave & I'll be seeing someone else, the next time. It's her first kid, so it was somewhat of a shocker seeing her pregnant.(it wasn't obvious in Sept)

Then I got bombshell #2-my a1c was .3 better then last time. Woohooo! At least it's moving in the right direction. It's been improving by increments for the last 3 appointments, I'm not one to drop 2.0 improvements from appointment to appointment. So, yeah, another 1.0 reduction & I will be a happy camper.(I just pray that it doesn't take another 9 months)

Everything's status quo..all my yearly checkup thingies have been taken care of & I only needed one rx. She's pleased that I'm going down, & I'm pleased that I haven't gone up(more like, in shock). I have Hashimoto's antibodies,(at diabetes diagnosis, I took Synthroid for a year till it just sorted itself out)that's something that bears watching, yearly.(levels since then have been normal) It was something that went out of whack pre-diagnosis,and since 1 year post, has been fine.
(don't ask me why, not even the doc knows why)I guess it wouldn't affect my ability to get pregnant,though I'm starting to suspect it(higher antibody levels) could be a reason for a miscarriage.

(and six days left in the semester,I'm really looking forward to dropping that stress for the holidays...I much prefer holiday stress to school stress)

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Cherise said...

Congrats dropping your A1C! Woot! Good luck on your next appointment:) my thyroid was hyper after I had niya it went hypo lol sounds like diabetes