Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Overheard: Midflight

Overheard: (on the airplane,mid-flight from LAX to Raleigh)

Call light going off...

Passenger:"Could I have a blanket, please?"

Flight Attendant: "What's the Emergency, sir?"

Passenger: "Would you happen to have a spare blanket available?"

Flight Attendant: "I asked you what the EMERGENCY was, sir. What's the Emergency?"

Passenger: "Do you provide blankets, or not?I'm just wondering."

Flight Attendant: "If you wanted that, you'd have to purchase our ($7)set."

Walks off.

Apparently if something isn't broken, bleeding,or bending at 110 degree angles it's not worth said flight attendant's time. I miss the old days,when they took customer
service seriously.Now they don't even feed you pretzels/peanuts on some flights.(including ours,5+ hr flight)

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