Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Elfster Express

Allison, over at Lemonaide Life once again this year organized a Elfster exchange with the DOC/diabetes crowd. My Elfster, Shannon, sent me one of these...($25)

Which I promptly blew, on these..

(Gift #1, Diabetic Athlete's Handbook. Bought, in the ever-so-desperate of attempts to get myself to the gym more then once a week, this holiday season. And it's a wonderful just makes me wish that I were more disciplined!)

(gift #2, a chick-lit. book. I don't suppose I can stop that guilty's like diet coke, once you're hooked, you're hooked)

(gift #3. Star-Wars themed Nintendo DS styluses. Fun, yet actually NOT just a filler for the free Amazon shipping cut-off. I'm sure to be an instant hit with the niece/nephew crowd, this week.)

And that's what I spent my gift card on,sometimes(ok, more then sometimes) the best gift is one you choose yourself! I love the Elfster exchange..though I tried to get my draw what they actually wanted, I don't mind at all if someone gives me a gift card. Thanks, Allison-and thanks, Shannon!!!


Allison Blass said...

Well, who was your Secret Santa?? You are supposed to tell us who they are!! You have your present - it isn't a secret anymore! LOL.

Cherise said...


cool gifts but who was your elfster?!