Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Beginning to look alot like...Alaska

So much so,when you see a big ,tough,handle-it-all vehicle down FROM Alaska in the parking lot.I'm sure they're feeling right at home.(20 inches,ugh)It was a workout just shoveling out the

Line at the post office on Monday.Literally, the worst day of the year to be there,the line stretched to the doors & beyond.And the one guy who mailed 50+ packages didn't really improve the wait time.(it was a 45+minute wait.Maybe an hour)Merry Christmas!

(drift of snow as tall as me..I think I need snowshoes for Christmas!)

On Saturday,the mail truck got stuck in a ditch (near our house).Snow was coming down a mile a minute,& it was pretty nasty out.(the very fact that they were delivering at all was amazing) So some guy hitched a cable from his 4-wheel drive to the mail truck,& while he pulled,everyone else,pushed.(sans me,I confess I was more engrossed in capturing it on video) Truck got out of the ditch, fishtailed across the road,swerved back and forth and eventually got back on track.I guess by that point our mail lady had had more then enough and went home.(no mail for the next few days)It may look like Alaska here,but we sure don't deal with vast quantities of snow well.

Off to Virginia for a few days and then (hopefully)to NYC...very excited,because this Southern gal has never been to NYC.It'll be bitterly cold,I'm sure.(but cool beyond words)

Merry Christmas,everyone!

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