Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Crossing the Line

Last week, I finished up the research study I was in. The Polypeptide Pancreotic One, to be more precise. I went in, got drugged up with more Boost,peed on the strip to prove I was not pregnant,and they did a DEXA scan
to check bone density and BMI. And that was kind of interesting-there's a family history of osteoporosis and T1 D makes you more prone to bone weakness.(it's in the risk list) It was all above normal, except for the proportion of fat/muscle was slightly elevated.(I could have told you that)So its nice to know I don't have to worry about stress fractures for another 40 years.
I wasn't able to come in for the final visit,but I still had to return the study pump,download my Dexcom, etc. so I had to go in the next day, regardless.Because I couldn't make the final visit, (that day) they cut my compensation in half(its ridiculous,the amount of money riding on that final visit).
Anyway,after that, I made my way down to the cafeteria to use up the meal pass(although when you're high,said meal will only be veggies,protein, and diet coke).

And saw this.

I respect doctors & all they do, I really do. But when I saw that,it made me so boiling mad I wanted to complain to somebody.

Doctors are not deity.

Doctors are supposed to mingle with the great unwashed,that's part of the
heart and soul of being a good one. It seems to me that that's only widening the
gap..not narrowing it.

Doctors are the captain of the Healthcare Ship-but without the nurses/techs/
assistants that ship wouldn't get out of the harbor, much less get to its final
destination. Doctors do not deserve all the perks.

Doctors do deserve some perks.Like parking spots,on-call rooms,etc.(it helps them
do their jobs better)

BUT A DINING ROOM????That doesn't seem to me to do anything but pump their already inflated egos to levels so high if it were a blood sugar, they'd be in DKA 3x over.
I'm sure its not the only excessive perk they have at that hospital. Said room was right off the regular dining room.

So I marched over to one of the side doors and peeked inside, to see if there were any gold and crystal chandeliers inside.


That's as far as I made it, before a wide-eyed, white-jacketed resident scared me back to reality. I wanted to go inside,sit down,and check my blood sugar(on the advice of a Twitter friend) but I confess,I'm chicken.

So whaddya doctors deserve their own dining room?

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Nah, I don't think so. I can see places for researching, meeting, discussing things. But for eating?