Thursday, September 03, 2009

A European Encounter-8/06/09

A Dialogue with a European...

Q:Do you like your new president?(Obama) Most Europeans do, we're thrilled that he won the election.

A: No. He has the most liberal voting record in the Senate.

2. Really? Did you like the other guy?

A: No, we disliked McCain as well. Really, they were both abysmal choices(to some of us)But you have to vote for the person you feel will do the better job.

3. Q:Well, relations with Europe are important and Obama is the best person to pull that off, most Europeans hated Bush.

A: That's true. We don't particularly love Bush either, but the man did his best to preserve the USA from the terrorists and he deserves credit for something.(and you have no right to hate Bush..he wasn't YOUR president.Plus,you've been fed an entirely one-sided arguement) Without that, the USA & free world would not be as safe, many more people would have died,and our standard of living(as well as theirs)would not be as comfortable. As for many of his other decisions, we are less then thrilled. But being alive is more important then getting free health care. I'm all for world cooperation,but you cannot sell your soul or compromise the United States of America just to live in peace and harmony with the communists. If you like communism,move to one of those countries. It remains to be seen what Obama will do.

(and that's my rant for today. If you don't like it..and as I respect your opinion, please respect mine, you don't have to comment)

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