Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Laughter Therapy Workshop

"Hi,my name is Trish & I'm a World Laughter Leader."
(yep,world laughter leader is an actual certification)And she wears it like a badge of honor..right next to her pump,"Pieces"(named because "I can have a piece of that" is every pumper's motto)

Going into it,I had my doubts as to whether it was worth going to all.It might not do anything for me...

But Animas rep Trisha Porretti has a gift.A gift,that makes everyone around her instantly feel better.She should be on Jay Leno.(who,incedentily,had type 2 diabetes so maybe it's just
something about us D folk)

Laughter lowers blood pressure.

Laughter floods the brain with endorphins.

Laughter relaxes you.

Sitting next to fellow CWD'r "x",I was determined not to be THAT person in the room.You know,the one who lets loose in a loud guffaw at each and every mildly amusing anecdote.(and hence provide fodder for the late night chats for the next month) Not the CWD'r...the stereotype,I didn't want to be annoying to anyone else in the room.The CWD'r is a very nice person.

But I didn't have a chance.I laughed,snorted,and guffawed my way through the entire presentation.Along with the rest of the room. By the end of it,& the "Penguin Pumper Dance" I couldn't speak,I was laughing so hard.The amount of mirth that was coming from the room would have filled the Monsters,Inc Laugh Tank several times over.

Then I checked my blood sugar...
and was greeted with a 380.Decidedly non-amusing,with no spare set in my possession.Laughter,apparently,does not lower blood glucose.So I asked my rep-friend for a spare set,and when the room cleared out we went out to her car & she found me some.And then Trish & her friend pulled up & invited us out to dinner.

And that's how I found myself out to dinner with 3 Animas reps at 10 pm on a Florida-ish themed patio freezing my appendages off.

Having a BLAST.(despite the bg)They all rocked.

"Go change your site!"

(I forgave them for the mom-ish behavior..because they all WERE.They couldn't help it.)

I am an Animas pumper..& a nursing student to boot. I am not sure I'll ever become a CDE, but it was like Nirvana for be among a group of pump guru-nurses-a T1 in there to boot.Really nice of them to invite me..I don't get out much!!(and laugh like that,practically never )

After a low carb salad& unsweetened tea,bg eventually drifted down to 220.2 more units and 8 glasses of water later,ketones dissapeired &I could float off on endorphin-laced dreams.

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