Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The ABC's of Diabetes

A is for acceptance.

B is for building others up.

C is for coping just fine, thank-you-very-much.

D is for that darn disea...wait,that's not right.This is supposed to be a positive post.

E is for eating salads,fish,and whole grains.

F is for fighting.Never let it win.

G is for Ghideralli,I need some!

H is for a hemoglobin a1c under 7!

I is for IVs, jammed in a vein.

J is for juice at midnight.

K is for ketones, dark purple on the urine strip.

L is for lows-horrid are they.(best Yoda impersonation)

M is for Majorly Condescending Endocrinologist,it's time for a change.

N is for Noncompliant.(everyone who doesn't obey M)

O is for OC-all the other blogging D's.

P is for doesn't exist.

Q is for quirky, everyone's disease is different.

R is for running - do more of it!

S is for sight, I want to keep it.

T is for thyroid-gotta keep an eye on that too.

U is for University Medical School Torture 101.

V is for vigilant, 24/7/365. No breaks.

W is for wishing...for a cure.

X is for...ugh,I don't know!

Y is for You. More important then any chronic disease.

And Z is for Zapped of energy...that's all I've got!


k2 said...

I will never, ever look at the ABC's the same way again ;)
Kelly K

phonelady said...

oh wow I really like this one and awesome you thought of it . God bless and have a great day . thanks for sharing and thanks for posting such an awesome blog .

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Jaimie said...

This is great! :)