Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Birthday A1c

My endo appt just happened to fall on Tues.,Sept.1.I didn't bother to change it,because I figured I needed that wake-up call.
"Hi,Heidi," my endo greeted me,whisking me off to the exam room immeadietly after my a1c."How've you been,how are the blood sugars?"
"Julys were great,August's not so much...went to heck in a handbasket."(#iblamevacation)

Hand over meter.

"I can see you have alot of high-highs."

"That was part of a research study,they really don't go up to 500 without some major encouragement. Drinking Boost while they checked peptides,etc."

She frowned."Who's doing it?"


"Can you get them to send me a summary of the study,they really should have done that anyway(sending it to the primary endo)."


"I haven't seen you since Feb.,and you didn't have the bloodwork done so you're due for the full blood work up today."


Continues reviewing my basals,etc.Picks up phone."A1c on x, please."
An eyebrow goes up."Thank you ."

Ackkk.I am dead-dead-dead...

"You are coming down.0.1 better then last time."

Royal blue YUCK.I wasn't expecting miracles,but what is it about my singular inability to make my a1c drop by much at all?That is slightly depressing.

And then she asks the question,the one all endos ask their female patients.

Only this time,I say "yes."

"We do, and I'm so tired of waiting on an a1c that will will never be below 7.I'll be in menopause before it will happen."

"Yes it will.You can do it-you are dropping your a1c each time and you have the tools to make it happen.I'll set you up to meet with the DE to get you back on track don't want to have a baby till that a1c is under 7,you really don't.Major risk of birth defects,etc.And you're only 27."

"28 today."

Something I don't much about,because there's no use dwelling on the past but I know she's right.It's not a question of if's a question of just-say-the-word.The risks of everything genetically horrible go up in the 30's.Sooner=better.

"You are going to have to come in here more frequently then once every 6 months,though," my endo dryly remarks.

"I know...I just needed a diabetes vacation.It's out of system now.

I'm ready to get back to work on my a1c now.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

You can do it Heidi! Be patient, and kind to yourself. You can do it!