Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Great Battery Eater

I am a high maintenance girl.

My weakness? No, it's not Jimmy Choo heels or Prada purses. Nor do I dine on fillet mignon and sip champagne circa 1905 on a nightly basis. My gold colored Nugget cannot be called a luxery car, by any stretch of the imagination.

"That'll be $17.99."

Grinding my upper teeth into the back molars, I think that is bad, even for CVS. It's just a 4 pack of batteries, for crying out loud!

Granted, they are lithium batteries. Because my Animas goes through them like tasty little after dinner mints.

And the semi-cheaper alkaline options? Well, the store brand lasts for about ten seconds and the name brand(Energizer,Duracell)last about two weeks. I swear the lithium doesn't last much longer then that, though Animas promises 5-6 weeks. I have never gotten that..never. Is it just me or do other people only get about three weeks too?
(if you have an Animas pump feel free to chime in)

So, after handing over the equivelent of $17.99 (ECB's, etc) for 12 more weeks of Pump Power..there are still other things. Like Pings,and other meters, and the normal battery-sucking household devices that you cannot use rechargeables for. I have device addiction. (plenty of upkeep $$'s for the following)

there's the pump...

and the CGM...

and an iphone..(it's necessary for D, I swear-the news of a cure will come from

and the other medical stuff(infusions,etc)

and the regular diabetes supply costs,etc.

The annual cost of which, is well into the classification of upper class.(Rich) If insurance didn't cover it,I would not have it.(except the iphone but that's another story. I would eat gruel to be able to afford my iphone.)

But the cost of the batteries is just too much. It seems to me it's getting LESS effective, my Cozmo was extremely energy-efficient.(didn't have as many cool features but those batteries lasted forever)

Get it together, Animas. $4 a battery, $74+ a YEAR. Needing a new battery so often is not very earth friendly, or 21st centuryish. (since they don't encourage rechargeable batteries)

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asskeeper said...

I belong to Sam's club, I buy a 4 pack of lithium batteries the best they make for about 20 dollars. These are energizer If you want me to I will pick you up one of these extended energizer packs next time we go to Sam's club and send them to you.