Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Sunday Freebies Itouch/Iphone App List

#1 Flash for Free. Cost: Free. A camera app that allows you to brighten up your pics. It's nice to have pics that don't look like they were taken at the bottom of the Black Lagoon.

#2 Parachute Panic, Lite. Cost: FREE. A fun game.

#3 MyCokeRewards. Cost: FREE. A way to enter your Coke codes, on the go. And I don't think its actually texting..which is good for my AT&T bill, texts are really expensive.

#4 Gumdrops. Cost: FREE. A Tetris-like game..the colors connect,and pop out. Seriously addicting.

#5 Cardster. Cost: FREE. You can plug your membership card #'s in this, it generates a barcode and you don't have to carry around a million cards in your wallet/purse.(as well as not having to worry about forgetting to bring a discount card) It's great. Occasionally, the barcodes don't scan but the cashier can still manually put in the number.

#6 Meta Squares. Cost: FREE. I haven't played this yet, but it looks interesting.

#7 Sheep Launcher FREE! A cute game where you launch your sheep into the stratosphere, attempting to collect as many points as possible before getting to the Moon.

#8 Offender Locator, Lite. Cost: FREE. It may not be great at locating all the registered sex offenders out there but it gets the word out that your neighborhood may not be as safe as you think it is..and you still need to track your kids whereabouts.

#9 Discovery Channel. Cost: FREE. Lots of video clips,shows,news, quizzes,plenty of entertainment.

#10 Parking Pal. Cost: Not quite free, .99. But if you're like me, and can never remember where on earth you parked it's totally worth it to be able to quickly tap it into your iphone. I have tried writing it on paper slips, and invariably, they get lost (or thrown out) too. This is a great idea.

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