Thursday, January 27, 2011

Then and Now

Discovered this meme over at Canadian D-Gal, and it looked fun, so I thought I'd try it.

10 years ago I was:

-in my 2nd semester of community college,and preparing to beginning pumping on Ye Ole Minimed 508.But because my insurance company took 3 months to approve the pump,and it took another 2 months to get a training date I would not actually begin pumping until April.

-working a retail job, and ok with it.

-living at home.

- wishing I could win the lottery.

Five Years ago I was:

-still working that (same) retail job, and hating it.

-finally moving out of home, to my very own place.(small, rented house)

-now pumping with a Deltec Cozmo

-dating a wonderful guy who would later become my husband

- still in community college

-doing my best NOT to go bankrupt

1 Year ago I was:

-finishing the very last nursing school prerequisite! (it only took me 9.5 years, how about that...)

- Enjoying (or not) my first trip to NYC

-working hard to lower my a1c

Yesterday I:

-had a doctor's appointment

-barely ate anything at all until 4 pm because I was busy rushing from one end of the county to the other end so I could get to my class lab on time.

-had a nightmare involving my endo screaming at me for no good reason.

- sacked completely out (post-supper) and did not look at the books at all.(wise, no, since I have mandatory homework but I'd ceased to care)

Today, I:

-woke up to a 125, went back asleep and skyrocketed 120 additional points in two hours(doing nothing).

-ordered cupcakes for a party on Saturday.

-checked the school closings & was elated to find that 5 measly inches DOES cancel school for the day. (although, I have to make it up tomorrow)

-made lists of all the things that I really should be doing.(and haven't done yet)

5 things I'd do with 1 million (or rather, billion) dollars

- buy my parents a house
- set up a foundation for uninsured folks to get the medications (in particular,
diabetes meds) that they need
- go on a year long "tour the globe" trip
- give to charities
- buy my own personal CVS scanner machine

5 favorite TV shows:

- Grey's Anatomy
- Private Practice
- Royal Pains
- House
- The Middle

5 biggest joys

- being alive (and in relatively good health)
- being married
- being in nursing school!
- having health insurance,which gives me the means to do all of above
- a cold diet coke


Scully said...

Wonderful! I do so much love reading these things about other people

Cherise said...


Your Endo was screaming at you in your dreams?!! Great post. I might have to borrow your Meme:)