Monday, January 24, 2011

Low to Go

Lately, I've been having two of my most unfavorite types of lows.( yes,there are types) The worst kind (of course) is the glucagon requiring ones. (bad,bad, BAD to have) And there is no "good" low but the ones which occur in the comfort of ones own home & respond rapidly to the ingestion of glucose aren't too bad.

None of that for me. It's either the brain shakes/freeze in the middle of class or the "non-low-low." It's really mortifying trying to get it together(public lows are horrible) & act like nothing is wrong,when no one else knows you yet(or that you have diabetes). That will change someday..but I'm not the sort of person to blab it out until I need to.(or,are friends with someone) The nursing instructors are extraordinarily competent, intelligent human beings who I think would actually know what to do if I keeled over but right now, I don't want it to get to that stage yet.(having to tell) I will have to(in a few weeks) when I go to clinicals,as you're required to disclose anything that might make you appear loopy. I do need to get (& wear)a new medical ID,for my old one is nowhere to be found.(in the meantime)

The other type of low is the one that feels much worse then it actually is. Case in point: yesterday's 10 pm 68 mg/dl,with NO units of IOB. I ate like I would knock it to 300 & beyond(44 fast carbs), fell asleep, woke up at 2:30 with a 69, ate another 35 carbs & was 133 four hours later. You feel bad because you are dropping quickly, not so much from the actual bg. Or being 108,not low,but dropping extremely rapidly(ton of IOB) & needing to treat it as a low. I treat something how it feels,rather then what it is,when in doubt.All the exercise(tramping all over campus) I've been getting is no doubt triggering these lows.(& until I get some sort of a pattern,all I can do is pack a jar of tabs/3 juice boxes in my backpack,to nip anything before it turns major) Lows will drain every last ounce of remaining energy(& then some) from you.(school plus lows=no desire to go to the gym,ever again) I am exhausted.

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Simon said...

Exhausted yes & wonderful yes...two truths worth noting