Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Dexcom Song

(this is a semi-true story, and is to be sung to the tune of "The Bricklayers Song". All of this didn't happen, but life gets pretty bizarre on the night watch.And last night, was particularly bizarre.)

Dear Maam, I write this song to tell you of a fight

Tween' me and my odd Dexcom, it twern't a pretty sight

Me body is one massive bruise, my glucose 403

And I think that school (in any form) is not for me today.

It was a normal Monday night, basal checks galore

Alarm clock on the ready, juice and tabs on drawer

My Endo said it must be done, and so it was to be

I prepared to follow out The Royal Endocrine Decree.

Now, all went well initially, I was just 123

I felt quite smug, and told myself, it'd go just perfectly

A job half done, I smuggled down, prepared to sleep, to dream

But all was not as steady as would otherwise seem.

At 12 am the Dex went off, I shot up in my bed

Confused, dazed,alarmed...and thoughts raced through my head

The house's aflame, or else I'm low where is that meter when

Your legs are made of jello and the world is in a spin.

My Dexcom shrieked, it was telling me once more

But in me brain I had to know that I was low for sure

I slipped from bed, crawled toward the light, and bumped into a chair

Things were (at that point and time) a little less then fair.

My meter finally in my hands, I got a 52

But tabs, coke, cake and candy would simply not do

I must have juice, and juice alone, no matter what the price

The former lures of chocolate now failed to entice.

Now the juicy-juice spilled over, and dribbled down my face

As I sat there, sweating, shaky, a hypoglycemic daze

It hit the rug, and stained quite blue, and as I finally rose

Left trails to the bed where I would fitfully repose.

Well, I lay there groaning on the bed, and thought that that was that

But then a blur streaked through the door, our gray and fuzzy cat

He jarred the tabs, and down they fell, pelting me full force

As I lay there( cringing) I had PWD's remorse. (apparently, you CAN be too prepared)

I snatched up sturdy Dexcom, and threw it at the wall

But it met instead with fuzzy cat, who then began to howl

My husband woke, and chaos reined, just who is to be blamed

But I'm going with the Dexcom, and that will be maintained.

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