Monday, January 31, 2011

Making the "D" List

444 mg/dl.

I know it to be true,long before the blood & the test strip met(in not-so-perfect harmony). My mouth is dry,my eyes heavy,& I'm ready to snap at the slightest provocation. But one task remains,at the end of another school day...a task that is as foreign to me as anything I have ever done.

I must register my diabetes as a disability. Nursing school demands it,there is no way that I cannot.The instant anything on my person vibrates,shrieks,or goes off (or the day I have a massive low & have to eat) is the instant that I am summarily dismissed,penalized,rejected,expelled,etc. I've never had anything of this nature,for I've never had any need for it.But now,there are 4-5 instructors who don't know me from anyone else & don't care & I've got to cover my bases.(against the bad diabetes day...for they happen) Even D won't get me a "go home" card but if it gets me a predictable lunch break,darn right I'm going to take it.

So I pick up the form,(to bring to my Endo)chug a bottle of water,bolus,& track back to my car...the ending of another unpredictable day-in-the-life with the big D. No idea how I got that high,just yesterday it was perfect bgs all day. I really think people with insulin dependent D deserve some sort of break,like exclusive access to the soda machine(diet,of course) to quench that unquenchable thirst.People without D(or a family member with it) have little clue just how lucky they really have it.


meanderings said...

It stinks that you have to do it, but it's worth it to stay in school.
And yeah - had a somewhat high the other day and getting blood on the strip was a real trick.

Kathy said...

Wow. Registering as a disability sounds so formal and final. It sounds like you have no choice however. I hope it will get you the privilege to eat when you need to and some respect at least. I have a more informal agreement with my supervisor at work. But I work in a small group within a small company, so most people know me and what I am dealing with.