Thursday, January 13, 2011

Middle of the Food Chain

In the past few days,I've discovered that my aspiring goals lie more towards the middle of the hospital food chain, and less towards the end. I've never doubted that nurses were key to a patient's survival(and wellbeing),but the fact that there is oftentimes a whole host of folks below(and taking orders) from the nurse is well,quite scary. Of course,ultimately the orders are supposed to originate from the doc...but they might see a patient for 10-15 minutes a day (kind of like upper management in a company I used to work live up in their ivory towers & it's the nurses (aka floor managers)who really get involved in the nitty gritty EVERYTHING of patient care.(nurses really are expected to know a ton of stuff even if most of them know nothing about diabetes.Really,it's mostly not their fault,but it will always bug me that it will always be seen as a "you-deserve-what-you-practice" disease.(among many seasoned RN's) Seriously, what happened to compassion?but that is my unique soapbox,as someone living with the disease. I think at some point I am in for an attitude adjustment...not everyone gives a flying flip about diabetes management & I do not get to play doctor.Or criticize the doctor.(not as a student,at least)(velcro mouth shut) My role is that of a sponge,listen,learn,(wipe up human secretions)& apply under careful supervision.

Students are towards the bottom. (not important to much of anything,& more of a liability then anything else.Unless you're a student MD, then you're probably slightly higher in the hierarchy. And while each and every job in patient care is important,the ratio of patient gratitude/etc.gets exponentially smaller the farther down the food chain you go...not many people thank the janitor.(they should, but don't) There are many other positions in this food chain(therapists, etc.) which I have no idea where they fit in..but this is just my initial impressions. (as a

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