Wednesday, January 05, 2011

One Wish

Close your eyes. Count to three. Spin around,& repeat after me...
There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like-

Oops,wrong wish. I'm talking about wishes of the earth-shattering variety. Anything at all.(of the non-supernatural variety) Go.

Got it? (no wishing for 7 more wishes)

Ok,if you wished for a cure for diabetes...well, so did I. That's a pretty popular wish these days.

Now wish for something else. A million dollars,a hot new sports car,anything.

Know what I want? I want a personal meter that reads my magnesium level,that doesn't require a trip to the lab & vial of blood, & another week for the doc to get back to you to get. It's gotta be possible. I mean, if you'd asked a diabetes specialist back in 1968 whether PWD (in the future)would have at-home blood sugar monitoring devices he'd likely have shook his head & wonder what you were under the influence of. But the market (for such devices) just exploded,there was such a need for them that of course it was going to become a reality.

There is not overwhelming need for a "magnesium" meter. Although, if other things(CBC,etc.) could be analyzed simultaneously there might be a demand for it. I'm not a Chemist,engineer,or mathematician so all I can do is dream...but it sure would put the management of my problem more "in my control" & personally,I think docs would be all for that.It's not as complex and difficult to manage as D is(numbers don't do much changing) but what I've got to work with now is compatible to the Dark Ages of D-Care. It's based entirely off how you feel,with the once-in-awhile blood test. I don't feel confident about what I'm doing's hit or miss. Fortuently,the margin of error for missing is quite generous (you don't get into trouble much) but if I could know, & test,& take matters into my own hands(up the dose) that would just be the most awesome thing. My levels would be in-range,& I could treat the slight lows more aggressively.

I could be waiting on that wish awhile...but a girl can dream. Maybe one day something like that will be developed.

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Anonymous said...


I wish someone would think of the magnesium pump for you and other who need it.

Be blessed