Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ringing Out The Old Year

I don't know about you, but any recent luck o'the averages I may have had has been irrevocably ruined from the Christmas holidays.

Ok I tried to be a good D...truly I did. But the goodies called my name,(over and over) the set changes became fewer,the Dexcom crapped completely out,(of warranty,too) & I just stopped caring what I was,I just wanted to have fun for once.(without inconveniencing anyone with a low). Throw in some hormones and you have the next episode of "Blood Sugars Gone Wild."
All of which equals an average bg in the mid -to-upper 200's.

Yep-not good on the a1c, & unfortuently,the holidays have not yet ended..there's still my side of the family.( New Years Day). I need to get back to regular life, routine really helps.(that and knowing the carb count!) Fortuently,my next a1c isn't till April so there's lots of time to undo that damage. I sure don't want an a1c in the 9's.(after making significant progress on that front)

I'm also starting on a low dose of Levothyroxine (25 mcg) to improve my TSH. My Endo was not wild about the idea,but she agreed to start it.My thyroid antibodies have gone up,my TSH is in the middle of the spectrum(still normal,but not "good") Hence the minuscule dose of (Synthroid). I need my thyroid at optimal levels. It was hard to get my Endo on board with it,she muttered uncomplimentary things under her breath(as to the overkill tactics of certain other specialties) but did agree to start it. It's not going to make me hyperthyroid, it can only help.

Have a Happy & safe New Year,all!

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asskeeper said...

E mail me, I might be able to solve your dexcom situation for a bit.

George said...

"Blood Sugars Gone Wild" is exactly how the last few days have been. You know what, let's get it together next year but for now, enjoy your holidays.

meanderings said...

Routines - I think they're key to feeling that we have some/a little control.
Happy New Year and may we all return to our normal schedules soon!