Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Envelope

I got an envelope the other day. It was gorgeously thick & screamed out "Non-Rejection" without me having to open it. But open it I did,with my heart hammering away in my ears & my stomach doing flip-flops in my esophageal tube.

Guess what. I am not "rejected" but I am also not accepted, I'm in that fuzzy grey area known as the WAIT LIST.

So I had to go to Orientation, a 3.5 hour affair which was great for everyone who made it into the Spring 2011 RN program but most disagreeable for the rest of us.You sit there,pretending you belong,but you aren't really "in." You're a wannabe who is hoping someone drops,but you still have to fill out the forms,get the all-inclusive Cootie Report filled out,CPR, and have your financial aid,etc ready to go at the drop of a hat for if someone does drop out & you could get in.

Maybe I'm at the bottom of the "wait list" & maybe I won't get in at all. I hate this not knowing.(it goes purely off GPA) It's the 5th layer of Dante's Inferno,doing all the work & still not getting in & more & more I wish they'd have just rejected me outright.People have till Jan.18 to drop the course...that's a long time to be without an answer.(Everyone who is on the list knows exactly what to plan for) I'm in a state of educational limbo(knowing that I qualify but should I just reapply? or just scrap the whole nursing idea entirely) & it's just really hard & depressing right now.

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Siobhan said...

Hugs, I really hope you get in. I'm also applying for nursing (child) - it's incredibly competitive in the UK and I've been rejected from 3 out of 5 universities - still waiting to hear from the other 2.

Best of luck!

HVS said...

Siobhan: thanks for the blog comment & well wishes. Good luck to you too-not sure if there is a nursing shortage in the UK as well but they sure don't make it easy to close that gap. Very frustrating.