Thursday, December 09, 2010

Twelve Years

Dear Diabetes,

Tomorrow marks 12 happy years of being joined at the hip.And like every morning since then, I've woken up,checked my blood sugar,& taken insulin. Some things blur with the passage of time.I don't remember what an 1100 blood sugar feels like but if I see or smell a Kendall brand alcohol swab my mind takes me back to that moment in a flash. No other brand but Kendall does that.It was a night of strange smells,sights,& sounds...which may well be imprinted permanently in my memory.

Like I do every year, I'm celebrating our Anniversary with great fan-fare. (I hope you don't mind if I bring along my husband) Dinner, and a movie (Voyage of the Dawn Treader)sounds like the perfect way to end the day. One thing about our D-Date,it seems to be a popular day for new movies to come out.

You and I have worked our butts off this year,& have gone from a number that was so bad I couldn't even blog about it to a most-recent 7.1.While that isn't under 7.0,it's a .8 improvement over the last time & was met by enthusiasm from our Endo & deemed acceptable enough for plans involving future offspring on this Earth.(we will keep working on said a1c,obviously) I really wish my a1c had dropped more,but it is what it is.Further testing revealed several whacked out hormones (trouble with the thyroid,yet again) & the jury's not out yet on whether I'll have to start Synthroid/ other drug.As anyone's with D who has gone this route knows, it's not just the simple matter of getting your a1c in line. But with an endocrinologist & a maternal-fetal medicine specialist working on it, I'm sure they'll get those hormones precisely where they should be.(unlike blood sugars..those levels are easier to get into line) There is much to say on this topic,but the relief of not having one's Endo stare in horror at one for even considering the thought is the victory of the moment. I have faith that it can happen.

Bring on 2011!!

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Scully said...

Happy diaversary. Nice uplifting post, gotta keep going!

Keith said...

Heidi, congratulations on your diaversary! I'm coming up on 42 years in February. Can't believe it's been that long.

Great job on getting your A1C down!

k2 said...

Now, go get yourself a cupcake !