Friday, February 04, 2011

Owner of a Broken Brain

I'm studying this weekend for a first of many. It mattereth not that it is Super Bowl Sunday, & it mattereth not that I have a horrendous cold/simultaneous monthly occurrence (sorry for the TMI,it is what it is), & it mattereth not that there are also next week's classes to get ready for..somehow I have to stuff 3 weeks of knowledge into my already stuffed-up head. I have to meet with various advisors as well.(next week,it's still really overwhelming)There is no time to be sick-if you miss 2-3 occurrences, you will fall so far behind that they consider you not able to keep up with the program & kick you out. It's scary,& simultaneously annoying. (if I have infected the entire lab group/instructor with my 7 hours of sneezing,sniffling,nose blowing,& coughing, don't blame me. I didn't mean too but you can see why I can't leave) I am still very overwhelmed & I'm pretty sure that feeling will be sticking around awhile.(keep swimming,try not to drown)

And last Saturday's run to the cupcake shop/JDRF summit sadly did not extend it's happiness into this husband ate the last one today.Was extremely good while it lasted though.(loved,loved,LOVED the peanut butter frosting one)Cupcakes rock. The JDRF Summit was excellent as well.

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