Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Casualty: 1900's (YouTube)

My latest tv show addiction. As I don't live in the UK,I just found out about it.(via Amazon Video on Demand) It's kind of like "ER" (early 1900's style) It was a totally different world..gloves were used only during surgery & nurses weren't allowed to get married.(they were married to their jobs)People died routinely of infections,(staff caught them from patients) there were no antibiotics. (they did practice isolation techniques but weren't very effective at containing outbreaks)
Regretfully, it only had two seasons.(and I think that's all it will have) I've finally figured out that the English title sister would be a charge nurse in the US. (see also: My Experience in an English Hospital)I guess some hospitals still go by those titles.(if not all) This show is like crack cocaine,it's got the doctor/nurse romance, the spurting blood,the women's right issues,and pretty much everything a good medical drama should have.And it's primarily from the nursing student (aka "Probationers") point of view so it's really interesting seeing how that differs from nursing student's today.(and yet,so much is the same)I highly recommend watching them all, if you enjoy things of that nature.


Brenda F. Bell said...

"Sister" might have come from the hospital's (though probably not London Hospital's specific) history: sick houses run by certain orders of nuns. Also, at that time women were not allowed to work for a living once they married.

asskeeper said...

If you have never watched St. Elsewhere, the first season is the one and only season on DVD but that was an AWESOME medical drama too.