Thursday, February 10, 2011

Veni, Vidi, Vici

I studied.

I came, stowed all beeping electronic devices in my car,and walked into the classroom with a roll of glucose tabs in my pocket.

I(along with the rest of the class, row by row) came up and stored every possible physical belonging AT THE FRONT OF THE CLASSROOM NEXT TO THE INSTRUCTOR'S DESK.(it was like being in Kindergarten,the only thing you were allowed to have were 2 pencils(which must be non mechanical) a sheet of paper,and your test/scantron.)

And I took the test.(under meter/blood sugar anxiety)

And I went back out to my car,grabbed my meter,and tested 325 mg/dl, 1 hour and 30 minutes later.

I really,really, really need those accommodations..its one thing worrying about the test(I shouldn't have to worry about my blood sugar too). I'm not that likely to go low-I just need the freedom to be able to check(and adjust) at will. It's very obvious that I need a cranked up basal rate(and possibly an adjusted mealtime Insulin/Carb ratio as well) One test passed(grade wise)and yet it most definatly wasn't a success, diabetes wise.One Stress-a-thon seriously shoots the whole day's numbers to pot.
Still waiting on the paperwork from my Endo's office,(for the accommodations)and it looks like I'll have to take another test in much the same manner.(before it all gets straightened out) I also don't know exactly how the accommodations will play out-perhaps I'll have to take my tests in the testing center.

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