Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Presidential Present

Election morning is like Christmas wake up to all these presents under the tree. Some of them you like, some of them you dislike, but the biggest present of all you want to be above reproach, pristine, amazing.

When its the one thing you didn't hurts.Even though the people have spoken,and that's what great about America.
Merry (pre)Christmas, America-you'll find out what's in that Obama box soon enough. And it won't be what you expected it to be.
And with this post, I've no doubt eliminated 99.99% of my 10 readers.Lecture over.


Kerri. said...

Even though we don't share the same political views, I'm still a fan of your writing. :) So I hope you'll still have me as a reader!

Sara said...

You know I agree with you. As I twittered earlier, I am glad that we elected our first black President - I just wish it was our first Republican black president. And I hope his 'moving' speech last night was not the night we look back on as our first step into a socialist/communist state.

how's that for alienating readers?!

Cara said...

You surly have more than 10 readers... okay, maybe not, but no worries: neither do I. :D
I'm glad to see that I am not alone out here in the diabetes OC.
And if yourself, or Sara, or I alienate readers, they are truly open minded people. I don't get angry with people for their beliefs, but if they choose to stop reading my blog because of it, more power to them. :)

Lee Ann Thill said...

Perhaps you'll be the one pleasantly surprised by what's in the box since you know as much about what's in it than the rest of us. The beauty of a gift is what you make of it.

Lee Ann Thill said...

Actually, I'd like to add that diabetes is a brilliant example. On the surface it seemed akin to the worst lump of coal ever, but when it was given time to grow, it's turned out to be a gift I'm very grateful to have.

Christine-Megan said...

Haven't eliminated me- I agree.

asskeeper said...

You know me. I am not offended. I have to e-mail you a story today or sign on to MSN one night will tell you. My niece voted where you used to live to try to swing the election. I will tell you my views privately.

Aubrey said...

I'm still here and I agree with you.