Friday, November 07, 2008

Dc Dollars(at play)

As anyone who lives or works in the DC area must know..the week of Jan.20 is crazy. Every four years, the party faithful besiege the South Lawn to witness their man take the oath of office. And this year, you can bet that it will be much more insane as the Democrats hasn't had a chance to party hardy since 1996. (Bill Clinton) The throngs of loyal Obama-ites that will spend any amount of money for this most momentous occasion is great. I didn't believe it till I saw it, but the instant it became clear who the next president would be hotel prices went berserk. According to the paper, a stay at a Motel 8 will cost you $600 that night.A guy on Craigslist rented his house out for $5,000 that week, and most others are in the $1,500+ range. I am slightly envious that we don't live closer to DC and can't do the same. Although I neither wish to attend or watch it on tv, that's a business proposition that is pretty sweet. Supposedly one can ask their CongressPerson for tickets, although they won't be giving them out till Nov.17. Yes, I'm a cold hard calculating Republican who has no scruples about what I'd do with those tickets, if I managed to get some.(but you didn't read it on this blog)

Marylanders are in kind of a bind right now-Frank Kratovil and Andy Harris are still duking it out for a Congressional seat and it won't be known who has it till they count all those absentee ballots. (not cool, I want my good or bad news right now)

Anyway, the point is, Inaugural Week is not about the poor and underprivileged at all, it is nothing but a massive show of money. (on both sides of the aisle) It's like the biggest waste ever, George Washington wouldn't be doing something like this. Not that I think they shouldn't celebrate but they do it in overkill. My word, we're going to be paying for enough fillet mignon dinners for the next four years as it is. We treat our presidents like kings.


Cara said...

Ahhh, what a party it will be. :) Not that I would enjoy it...but, hey, whatever. :D I have a friend that lives about 20 minutes from downtown DC....she could rent out her apartment!!!!! :P

Kassie said...

The money is ridiculous, plain and simple.

I know several people who just want to be in DC when Obama is sworn in. This, unlike any election in my memory, is a moment that some people just want to be part of. There won't be filet mignon on my menu, but if I can get close, I will. If not, I will be glued to my TV.

On a different note, my word verification is "yancarb"!