Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nothing Profound

This NaPoBloMo thing- not easy. I am so tired I just want to be curled up in bed for the next 10 hours and here I am, fulfilling my daily post requirements. So all I have to say is, Office Depot ROCKS. They just changed their reward program, instead of turning in 3 ink cartridges a day for a discount on your purchase you can now turn in all 25 for a $75 gift card at the end of quarter. Multiply 75 by the number of days in two, three months and you can see how good it gets. Better then Staples 3 carts a day (total of $9) cumulative program.

So if you read that Office Depot has declared bankruptcy(sometime in late Feb.), I will be part of the cause. Too good to be true.(and it will not last)

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Cara said...

Doesn't it feel totally random? Posting for no reason is not my cup 'o tea, but I am trying to do NaBloPoMo, so I am posting random stuff...