Tuesday, November 25, 2008


There's a unique moment, once every four(or more years) when the UPS dude walks down up to your door, rings the doorbell, you sign, and he hands you a humongous box filled with special D-goodies.

(in Limey Green!)along with 5 boxes of cartridges/assorted manuals/cases/accessories/infusion sets.(I still love the Cleos, don't think I will be switching to anything else)
Maybe I've gone to the dark side, but Smith's Medical doesn't own me + I want to experience another pump's features. Deltec of course still works, but it is out of warranty. I am, of course, pumped.(finally a meter that communicates with the pump,Freestyle test strips were never covered by my insurance company so I couldn't use that feature with my Deltec. This one uses One Touch strips.)


Lee Ann Thill said...

Very cool!! Congrats! I hope you love it :)

Sandra Miller said...


The Ping is the leading contender for Joseph's next pump... we need to decide and order soon, so I'll read with interest about your experience with it!