Monday, November 17, 2008

A Glimpse Inside My Library

(because I have too many diabetes books!)

Journey of a Diabetic by Lawrence M. Prey

An excellent autobiography of one man coming to terms with his diabetes. Will make you cry. My own copy is personally autographed by the author(I wasn't around back then, but its withstood the test of time) I got it on...Ebay.(where else!)

The Sun, The Rain, and the Insulin: Growing up with type 1 diabetes by Joan McCracken,MD.

Written by an endocrinologist, about the diabetes camps she hosts. An account of a summer in the 80's. (it's not all obsolete, and some parts were extremely funny)

Diabetes is not a Piece of Cake by Janet Merilles, RN.

Not very complementary toward pumping..but overall, very insightful. Should be required reading for any Type 3(to understand what we really go through)

Showdown with Diabetes by Deb Butterfield.

You've probably already read this..but if you haven't, it's a classic. Get it. Read it. Let it penetrate your brain, soak in its wisdom.

A Field Guide to Type 1 Diabetes(by the ADA).

Handy little pocket guide to diabetes, it pretty much covers the basics. Nothing I didn't already know, but it was free so I took it.

I’ve made my decision about the pump I’m going to get. Now to take the mountain of paperwork to the endo's office, which she'll absolutely love. This is a whole new insurance and who knows how much of it they will cover(I've been fortunate, but good fortune usually doesn't extend to 100% coverage 3x in a row) It's really not necessary to get trained on this pump, I can do it on my own but since my endo isn't going to be seeing me again till Feb. I am sure she's going to make me see the CDE anyway.(sigh)

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