Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Official D-Friendly Gift Giving Guide

If you’re like me, every Christmas you'll probably get a few of these.
-Sugar Free chocolates/candy(that often don’t taste all that great- and contain enough sorbital to keep you restroom running well into the next year)
- Diabetic cookbooks
-Boost, or similar “glucose stabilizing” drinks
- Diabetic socks

Your loved ones think you will appreciate/use them, and you definitely appreciate the thought. But you probably will NOT use them.
So, what do the type 1's on your list really want?

The Quick Fix Keychain- which totally tops the list in terms of convenience, durability, and now comes in 4 lovely colors. Your hypofix goes anywhere you do, I can't tell you how many times I've been glad I've had this.15 carbs makes enough of a differance to get to where ever you're going, or to make it someplace+ buy food. You can also put jellybeans,smarties,or other small candies in them.

Frios- On every continant, Frios rule.. Frio's for pumps, vials,pens-and simular products for Byetta users. They're always appropriate(summer is only 7 months off!).I love my Frio.

A 24 pack case of Diet Coke (or Diet Pepsi..whichever one they prefer)- What D wouldn't love this??? most of us are Diet Carbonated Beverage addicts.

An Itunes gift card- where they can download such classics as:
- Santa Claus Gave Me Diabetes(Stuckey + Murray). For those of us diagnosed during the holiday season, this song hits particuraly close to home.
-Ebay (Parady of "I want it that Way" by the Backstreet Boys) by Weird Al Yankovitch. Most of those online Christmas deals will probably end up in your next yard sale.
- free diabetes related podcasts
- Walk the Line(Johnny Cash). The Man in Black had type 2 diabetes himself, so he understood part of what he was singing about.
- On Top of Spaghetti. Its a good thing meatballs have few-zero carbs, losing one's meatball will not wrack havoc on your bg control.

A suscription to one of these fine magazines is always appreciated:
-Diabetes Forecast
-Diabetes Health
-Voice of the Diabetic
-Diabetes Selfmanagement

Or a gift certificate here. I'd love one of those shirts, but can't justify $25 on one.

A Environmentally Friendly Syringe-Lancet Zapper:
(no good for pump needles-but still,pretty handy + freakin' cool)You can just recap the syringe + toss,when you're done with burning the needle hub off. No (getting stuck) worries for the poor trash guy,when he picks up your trash.

Any further suggestions to the list?


Anonymous said...

Great ideas for christmas! Although, I really want a sofa......Gracie's blood sugars are doing fabulously. She is waking up in the 130's, which is high for a morning fasting, but the rest of her sugars are right on target. Her pp sugars came right down with the addition of lantus.

Anonymous said...

Pump cases and pretty medical id.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

to be fair on my family and friends i haven't ever gotten a diabtic present. i once got a diabetic chocolate santa from harrods. and my boyfriend ended up eating and so got a terrible bad tummy from all that sorbital. and it didn't smell great neither :0)

Anonymous said...

that was from me above sorry