Saturday, November 04, 2006

And the I's have It


Ipod: (yup, a new one..couldn't fix the Minis)



Ivisit Ithamologist:

Iget: good report(on neuro front, regular dilation next year) but I'm not sure I wanted needed to know 70% of all D's have traces of retinopathy by 20 years...



Ifloat(in Diet Coke):

The End.

I've worked out twice this week, once on the treadmill, once on the funky arm-leg machine(can't recall what its named). Both times,didn't have any problems with hypo's,(ended up 140,150) but the other machine burned glucose at about 3x the rate of the treadmill. Which explains why I didn't last long(energywise-as I still could have done another 15 minutes before getting low), that machine is a killer. Should have done more, as I've had to eat way too much candy so as not to offend certain coworkers, landlady, etc.
Me: (joking) Darn it, this is the 3rd time this week you've given me candy. My endocrinologist is going to murder you when I get the next a1c.
Coworker: Don't eat it all at once, work it in to your plan!
As much as I like candy, I can't very easily work 60 pieces in(maybe over the course of the next year)..But I know she didn't want it, and I don't like to hurt people's feelings.
Landlady: Here, have some candy. I can't bear to throw it out.
Me: Ok.
(Landlady is not one of the individuals who gets to know about the D) Besides, you do not say NO to the landlady, ever.
I will probably make up a collection box to donate to the food bank.
Going to a baby shower tonight for one SIL, her family is hosting a huge dinner, etc. Coming from a family of 10 kids, its sure to be homemade,delicious, and plentiful. Need to fill up my resevoir to the 300 U mark today. The guys, of course, will be doing manly things(shooting off guns)after the meal. While the females ooh/ahh over baby stuff..

Threw up once this week,it's actually been a pretty good week. I love this time of year-the leaves, the hot chocolate, the overtime..(not!)
This is a really busy time of year, won't slow down till mid December(when all of our Christmasy stuff has been shipped to the stores). I get good gift ideas, seeing what all goes to the stores. Next weekend, we'll get a 20% discount off at our stores so I'll probably go and buy up the stuff I've seen and wished I could have..


Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man! Glad you were able to get those BG's back down!

The pictures of DC cans made me crave some DC. I'm stuck at a place for a while that only has Diet Pepsi in the machines. While I'll drink it, due to lack of other options - I still want some good old Diet Coke!!

Dr. A said...


Anonymous said...

HIGH! i've never gotten any of my meters to read high yet! Guess that's a good thing.

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