Sunday, November 19, 2006

Meter O' Mine

As a rescue squad trainee, I had a great fondness for our uniform.
Pockets, pockets, everywhere.
The BDU's alone sported 6. 2 knee, 2 side, 2 back. The jacket had a 2 arm pockets and
a smaller pocket on top of the (joined) hand pockets. And, of course, the uniform shirt had a small left pocket. Topped off with thick boots-it was very professional looking,even if everything was entirely too long.(obviously,designed by the male members of the RS)

While most people on the squad rather underutilized their pockets, I made full use of mine. (figuring, if I had to look unfashionable + fat anyway, I'd go the whole 9 yards)

Right side pocket- pump
Right knee pocket- glucose tabs
Right back pocket- medical ID, since I didn't want to WEAR it..
Left side pocket- money, cellphone
Left knee pocket-car keys
Left back pocket- meter, strips, poker

A juice box or two was generally stashed in the jacket pocket, along with various pens, papers, penlights, etc. (tools of the trade)

I carried all my D supplies on me, because I didn't want to use the ambulance's unless it were absolutely necessary. (A. I hate glucose gel, B. Their meters sucked, and C. I didn't want anyone to know I had diabetes) By doing this, I also didn't have to cart around a pocketbook.

One particularly long night, as several of us jump back into the ambulance to head back to the station, one of the paramedics notices my meter case lying out.

"Hey, what's this?" He unzips it.

The other squad trainee looks over at it, interested. I immeadiently resort to my best pokerface + don't say a word.

"It looks like some patient left their home blood glucose testing machine in here-did we have any D patients tonight?"

"Beats me," the other trainee responds. I shrug, non-commitally, hoping my flaming red face doesn't give anything away.

"We should really drop it off, next time we're out at the hospital."

(Nooo you won't, I think, when we're back at the station, I'll be repossessing it, and will NEVER,EVER,EVER leave it out again)

The conversation drifts away to other topics, and when we arrive at the station I take it back. (when no one is looking)

A meter is a very personal thing. Just like a pump, you've got this special affection for the bloodsucking technomarvel.

And you get very upset when someone touches/tampers with it.
(You touch it, You die!!!)
Although, if I would have killed the paramedic everyone would have known I had diabetes, and my overall effectiveness on the job would have doubted).(At saving lives, too..)

(inspired off this. Ok, so I'm not 22 anymore,but I can still have fun with my rather boring,plain o'le black meter case) Cool contest,Allison- I hope D-life gets many imaginative,fun, submissions.


Elias said...

I think it's pretty unwise to hide your condition from your partners. I think you underestimate their capability of understanding your capabilities. Also, if it should happen that your sugar does get a little off, they won't understand what's going on and probably think poorly of you.

I've worked with IDDM partners before and we've never had issues. On those rare occasions when they acted like their sugar was getting low, I would tell them to eat a candy. No big whoop.

So go ahead and tell them, they probably won't care... and will probably go on to tell you about all the people with cardiac abnormalities who work there!

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

what a lovely case!!!! i'm too lazy to make mine pretty. prehaps i'll find an artistic person to do it for me.

i love it :)

Anonymous said...

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