Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Musings

My coworker had a heart attack today. We're pretty close, there's three of us that work in that area + we get along well.
About 8 am, she got this sudden chest/neck pain, red face, and started sweating profusely. Our supivisor came over + my other coworker ran to page the CNA. The CNA said to call the squad, which we did.
It took 15 minutes for the rescue squad to get there-and they're just 3 miles away. A person could die, waiting for the rescue squad. (and I'm sure lots of people do die-waiting for that rescue squad!!!) I'm not licensed to be an EMT in the facility, but I was nervous as heck that the squad wouldn't get there + I'd have to do CPR.
She's been admitted, and they're running tests now.I just hope she's ok, she's got every single cardiac risk factor there is + needs to quit smoking. I'm worried about her.

Tonight, my youngest brother took me out to Red Lobster (a late,late,late birthday present as he's been in Marine boot camp the past 3 months). It was awesome- I love Red Lobster.

The events of the morning got me thinking about how more frequently PWD's have heart attacks, and in 30 years am I going to be in the same boat? Add the high a1cs, the family history of cardiac problems, and the length of time with the D and its more then just a worry-its a huge probability. I suppose the only two positive factors are A. I don't smoke and B.I don't have high cholesterol. Heart attacks are really scary-I don't want that complication either,thank you very much.

It's been awesome weather, supposed to be in the 60's till Friday.(when it gets colder again) Almost feels like spring.


julia said...

How scary! I hope she's ok.

At least you're aware of your risks. I guess all you can do is take precautions and make sure you keep on top of it with your doctor.

Minnesota Nice said...

I have rampant cardiovascular disease on my dad's side of the family, but, at this point good blood lipid levels (and I don't take statins either).
I monitor my blood pressure at home a couple of times a week and aside from that, try not to let it be another thing on the "worry wheel".
What else can you do? I agree with Julia - awareness counts for something.
(also, I loved your hint about the keychain - I might have to get a couple for myself)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a tough day....I worry some about my heart, but I have to say, that lately, I haven't had much time to worry about myself!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yikes! Scary situation for sure!

I too worry about my heart, mostly because I'm over that "I'm young" mindset that had been making me feel "safe".

What can we do other than work towards healthy stuff? Are there tests that can be run, something other than watching cholesterol levels?

type1emt said...

Yeah, I guess the best one can do is not worry about it-work towards being healthy + not let it dominate things. Life is meant to be lived,not worried about. They do stress tests (older folks, mainly) to predict cardiac risk its good for PWD's too.