Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day Tag

I've been tagged by Minnasota Nice therefore,
I feel the need to tell you five useless pieces of information about me:

#1 I cannot parallel park, at all. Not a bicycle, not a car, not anything. I have tried- believe me. I do not try anymore, because A. I would hold up traffic for the next 45 minutes trying to get it right or B. run into someone, accidentily. If it would have been a Driver's Ed requirement- I still would not have a lisence.

#2 I bake a mean cherry pie. I enjoy baking, if I've got oodles of spare time and am bored anyway.(needless to say, it doesn't happen much)

#3 I've broken my left knee- twice. Once from falling over a little kid at the rollar rink, once from falling into a cattle crossing(and getting stuck). I fully expect to need a knee replacement before I turn 30, that knee is my nemesis.

#4 I was a tomboy, more into climbing trees + bossing my younger brothers(that is, until they outgrew me) then playing with dolls. The physical activity was good though, until I got diabetes I was rarely/never sick.

#5 I'm really good at shooting baskets- compliments of my job, part of which includes tossing up empty boxes on a (moveable) trash line. You do for hours on end, and it really improves your hand/eye coordination. I am not 6 feet tall though, so I won't be trying out for the WNBA.

Final Thoughts..
GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I don't care for who, just go do it)


justme said...

Parallel parking is a requirement here when you do your drivers' test. And still - I can't! I managed to do it then, and never again. I recently decided that I should try, but it takes way too long, and then the car still is really parked badly - half in the road, sometimes wheels up the pavement... So stopped trying again. Glad to know I am not alone!

Anonymous said...

interesting facts :)

voting, yay, fun!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I'd like to hear more about your run-in with the cattle crossing!

I mean - a CATTLE CROSSING for pete's sake?!

Maybe I've lived in the city for too long...


type1emt said...

Justme- Thanks for stopping by my blog(apologies if you've been here before and I've just never noticed! Yeah, parallel parking is the pits. I'd rather walk half a mile then try to parallel park.
Scott- a cattle crossing grid(at least the one I walked over)might seem harmless,but there are gaps between the bars and its easy to slip though, if one isn't paying attention. Which I wasn't. Took 3 steps and my left leg slipped through + stuck. I pulled my leg out,and went in search of of an ice pack for my multicolored knee. It was on a friend's farm, they felt guilty for it.(unnesissarily, these things happen)
Just one question..how do the cows cross it????(with 4 legs, they've got to have even better coordination then humans do!)
Vic- its now locked in a ballet recount over here..so I guess voting yesterday didn't do much good,lol.

Anonymous said...

type1, i love the parallel park thing, too funny! I can parallel park in a car, but in a truck or van i'm out of my league!

About Gracie, no antibody test has been done, but her high fasting sugars, combined with high PP, ketones in her urine in combination with higher sugars over the period of a week where she was not otherwise sick, and vitiligo (an indication of an auto-immune process) is how Gracie's doctor came to the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. As I watched her sugars increase before insulin therapy i tended to believe her

othur-me said...

I think I just found a new way for me to make cash!

I can teach anyone to parallel park in 5 minutes.

Lesson Fee: $100 for the first 4 minutes, $100 for every 20 seconds thereafter.