Thursday, November 23, 2006

72 Hours in Review

Happy Turkey Day, Ya'll!!!!!!
(After being throughly stuffed, I figure I should type off some of those calories)

So Tuesday..

6 A.M. Get up, check blood sugar. Assume it to be in the upper stratosphere, given how thirsty I am, but its only 104. Whatever.

7 AM- Eat sausage+ bagel biscuit.

8:30 AM- 239. Bummer. Take 3 units.

9:30 AM- Indulge Self in coworker's too-die-for angel food cake.

10 AM- It is announced that we'll be working Friday AND Saturday. I want to punch something, preferably the idiots in Corporate who make these decisions. What good is a holiday weekend if you get one day off, only to slave the other two? My entire weekend has just been ruined. And its not like we're some needed service, like a hospital or gas station or something. This is retail- people will not die if they don't get that Tommy Hilfigure watch come Dec.25.
No getting drunk Thursday night.
No Black Friday.
No wild holiday house decorating sprees.(heck,I'll be too tired)
It is really not fair.

11 AM- 236. Take 3 more units.

12:15 PM- Check blood sugar, just for the priviledge of NOT seeing a 200's number.
139. Ahh, life is better now.

1 PM- Eat bologna + Swiss sandwich(both of which I don't really care for) from the vending machine, because there was absolutely nothing better in there and I ate my packed lunch for breakfast...

1:15 PM- Auditing supivisor comes over, hands me a slip of paper and tells me to fix the order. Spend next hour fixing it, only to find out original count size was wrong anyway. Check slip of paper, see that I've been marked up 11 times.
I didn't make 11 mistakes- I made one mistake 11 times!!!!
Just for the record- 1 mistake is forgivable, 11 is NOT. 11 is very, very bad. The auditor, apparently, has been trying to impress her supivisor + it worked. The thing is, I was just going off the paperwork(the mistake originated elsewhere) + it all comes back on my head..CRUD.(I won't get fired, but if I did, this is not the week I'd care)

4 PM- 139. Not bad. Go home, retrieve mail from mailbox, partially porn addressed to landlady's husband. Am I surprised- no, that past is common knowledge. Am I irratated? yes, he can keep his porn mags, I don't want them. Stuff it back in mailbox.
5:30 PM- Go to gym,eat applesauce, workout. Infusion set falls off.
6:30 PM-287. Eat Chinese food anyway.
8:30 PM-459. Bolus huge amount
1:30 AM-300.
5:30 AM-200. Wake up from nightmare that your own child has just been diagnosed,and you're sitting in your Ex-Ped Endo's office(the sins of one's teenagerhood loom large) crying. I have got to stop thinking about hypothetical situations that could possible occur,I don't even have any kids yet!
Day goes much better, blood sugars behave.(as I make the conscious effort to count every carb, check every hour, and treat anything under 100 like it'll soon turn into a low.)
5:30 PM- Run errands around town, eat supper at folks, peel, cut, and dice one's way to a sleepy coma.
Had two lows today,(morning) both from bolusing a large amount(for breakfast)because I didn't want to go high from the inactivity. Consequently, I didn't eat as much for Thanksgiving dinner because I'd consumed 2 cups of juice + a can of sweetened tea for my lows. Somehow, my body has acquired this "calorie limit", and it doesn't matter where the calories come from-I stuff too easily. One plate, one piece of pie, and I was history.
And I've decided I'm going to go out on BF (after work),some places have all day sales so I'll likely run into some bargains. Screw work-it's not going to dictate my life.


Anonymous said...

that post makes me tired just thinking about those numbers. glad things are heading back to normal.


IT SUCKS, that you have to work those two days. I used to like working x-mas at the hospital though, used to get through some red wine on the night shifts :)

type1emt said...

(1 down,1 to go)
That's what I need-red wine, that would really make the time fly:-))

Anonymous said...

so, did you get anything good when you went shopping?

type1emt said...

Yeah I did-some Bath and Body Works deals,a bunch of $4 +$3 dvds on Circuit City,and a Michael's (craft shop) trip.