Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Chocolate Dreams

Hershey's gift to me for messing up a Ebay/Wrappercash order:

(a 36 ct. box of Milk Chocolate-arrived DSL, cold pack, overnighted)

And this is what one will need (post chocolate):


I love chocolate, but it doesn't love me (at the present time).
When the gastro issues get sorted out, I think I'll throw a smore party.
(easy way to use them all up + get more wrapper points to bid on stuff)


Bizarre Medical Story of the Year:
(Do not read this story if you've an aversion to extremily graphic medical images!)

Back to this news story, it is, beyond a doubt, the most weird medical thing I've ever heard
of. Quite enough to give someone nightmares, or worse.
I've made the firm decision NOT to go into surgery..
Or oncology pediatrics. (I cry every time I read the Chicken Soup for the Soul books-how much help would I be to a little kid with cancer?)
Or obstetrics.
Everything else is fair game.

Last Monday, my youngest brother flew out to boot camp. (Marines) Initially, he was going to join
the Navy, but the Marine(s) won out in the end.
When he graduates (Nov.) from boot camp, he'll be changed. (for better or for worse) I just hope they don't send him to Iraq.

Sunday, I worked a 5 hr day, a definate first in the history of my employment with this company. Sat. was a full 8. (not a first, for a Sat.)
And I must be crazy, because this is retail. Not health, restraurunt, or any other (needed) service.
I volunteered for a Sunday. (yes, my supivisor was very taken aback)
But doubletime pay is a powerful motivator towards the common good. (they get the work done, I get the fat paycheck)
Vacation is a comin' though- so I figure I can make it a few more days.
The one bad thing about it- there were more supivisors running around then there were employees.. It made me nervous. (twice as much oppurtunity to be critiqued) One could almost believe they were normal people, it was a sweats n' tshirt day for everyone. Even the regional manager was there.
The Top Eight things that are helping me through this week:
1. Compazine
2. The Calander (check another day off)
3. The recent dry spell(I haven't had to mow for two weeks:-)
4. Mr. Pumpy (read Ode to the Pump) New pump, same love.
5. Ketostix, hard candies, case of Diet Coke, and cold icees.
6. Being terrifically overworked. (it helps)
7. Yahoo Games.
8. 2 days away from holiday FREEDOM!

On this one year anniversary(post Katrina), the stats are still very dismal. So many without basic electricity, homes, etc. And the mayor they've got, doesn't seem to mind spending money(vs getting it). Way to go, Mr. Nagin, that's really helping out the people of New Orleans.


othur-me said...

Glad to see you posting again. I was worried you had gall stones.

Anonymous said...

Hey!!!! Yeah life is sweet and sticky too according to my blood sugar ahhhhhh. Question: what time of pump have you got?

type1emt said...

Deltec Cozmo.

Anonymous said...

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