Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What's So Great About The First?

Since moving out (into the REAL WORLD) ,I've learned to harbor a passionate, unconditional, uncontrolled hatred for the first (of every month). That, of course, is RENT DAY- and one's landlord doesn't give a rip if you are A. broke B. out of town or C. sick and on death's doorstep...

Ok, so the last one is somewhat of stretch. I'm sure they'd take if off, if you made them the sole benificiary on your life insurance policy.

But this August 1 is somewhat special.

This is my maternal grandfather. And today, August 1, 2006- marks the 100th anniversary of his birth. This is photocopy of a pencil drawing my dad did. (from an old photograph) I'm not entirely sure I should be doing this, I might delete the picture later-but a blog is kind of meaningless about a picture.
I never had the priviledge of knowing him, he passed away 1 month before my parents got married.
All of my mom's siblings are getting together tonight, and hosting a Remembrance Party. And I think its kind of crucial that I attend, he (from my mom's accounts) was a very special person + I need to remember this.

And that's whats so special about the first.

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