Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I haven’t felt very well lately, no doubt enhanced by my less-then-healthful- diet. People have a lot more get up and go when they eat properly, Twinkies and hamburgers just don’t cut it. I’ve been busy, stressed, and its taken its toll on the diabetes control(not checking as much as I usually do either.) Bg's aren't really high-they're just kinda middish blah.(150-mid 200's)
Swallowing the usual wad of post-breakfast pills(last week), they got stuck in my throat + wouldn’t go down. Tried water, diet coke, and food(to no avail). They weren’t large pills, but I’ve never had a problem swigging down 4 of them before..
The throat stayed raw for a day, and stuff still takes its sweet time on the way down.
Today I called Gastro(Center for Digestive Health-if you’d like the pc version), and got lucky. An appointment in 2 weeks(someone cancelled). I hope I live till then.

Gastro issue #2- Reoccurring right upper quadrant pain, nausea, occasional puking, lower shoulderblade pain.
Can someone say “gallstones?” I’d be surprised if it wasn’t that. (Hamburgers are probably catching up with me)

And, the eye. Stabbing pains in that part of the anatomy that dramatized my life last February.

Maybe its just the heat..
Or the phase of the moon.
Or the Daily Diabetes lotto check just bounced.
Rock on, September.
(I think I'll go to bed till then.)


Minnesota Nice said...

Oh my goodness Heidi - things do tend to snowball now and again.
When I talk to my mother once a week, she tentatively says "anything new" (which really means "anything new with the diabetes"), and when I say "no" I can hear her heaving a big sigh.
Nothing new is boring, but good.
I send my best wishes to people who cancel appointments and unkowingly make a space for me.
Hope you get to the bottom of everything.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda feeling that way. I know healthy food and exercise will make me feel better, make my diabetes better, but i have no motivation. i wish i had a diabetic gym buddy so we could bitch at each other and just get on with it.

chin up, it will pass :)

Kerri. said...

Thinking of you ... I hope you're feeling better soon.

julia said...

Blech. Here's hoping you're better quickly.

type1emt said...

thanks, guys
I'm hanging in there(some days are better then the others).