Monday, August 21, 2006

The Master Race

In the movie Gattaca, the hero must prove himself in the brave, new, genetically pure age. Born with a heart defect + nearsightedness, he’s passed aside(while his brother rises to the top). The “Valids”are the master race, superior both physically and (supposidly) mentally. To fulfill his dream(s), he must assume the identity of a Valid, while shedding off all evidence of his real DNA.(fastidiously clean, that guy)
It’s a great movie- in the end, he gets it all. A dream (to outer space) fulfilled, beating his genetically superior brother, and winning the heart of the pretty girl.
There’s one part in that movie where he upsets the arm of the phlebotomist, pretends to howl in pain, bends his arm + slips a vial of other guy’s blood into the tubing hole when the phlebotomist turns around. (To avoid giving up his real blood) I’ve often wished I could do that. (I just need some hemoglobin a1c perfect blood!)
It all goes to prove physical superiority is not the most important thing. (Even in a new age of flawless genetical engineering) Its the strength of the human spirit that counts.

That being said, being a type 1 diabetic is much like being marked "Invalid."
So many rules and regulations...
-You can't be a truck driver. (in most instances)
-You can't be in the military. (unless you're already in it, and you're in excellent physical
- Many jobs(fire, police) are difficult/sans impossible to get into...
-You can't attend a military college.

And that's just the government.

-You can't give aspheresis/bone marrow.
-You can't get drunk, even consumption of light amounts of alcohol is monitered.
-You can't have a baby, without your doctor's permission.
-You can't go barefoot, lest you cut your feet + it leads to amputation(s).
-You can't not be without insurance, unless you want to go bankrupt.
-You can't eat whatever you want, whenever you want.(and at family reunions,its
best not to eat anything at all..)

And telling someone you have diabetes, even in this enlightened age, is sure to invoke the "OMG-are-you-going-to-pass-out-on-me?" reaction.

We're all Valid- we all have worth.

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