Friday, September 01, 2006

September Greetings

The driving rain, compliments of Tropical Storm Ernesto, sloshes up against the front porch.

Inside, my pump alarms its customary up-and-at-em 6 AM wake up call.
Not today, of all days. I'm trying to catch up on sleep here, for crying out loud.
Fumble in darkness for pump.
Bam. Bam. (with fist)
Beeping stops.
Blissful unconsiousness once again.

Internal radar beeps, waking me up once again. It's 9:30 AM, and definatly time to check the o'le blood glucose.

Normally, such an unpredictably wonderful number would have me turning cartwheels but today, I wish it were a bit higher. I've got tons of things to do, on this day off.

Pre-breakfast is 4 fig bars.

I jump in the car and head over to work to pick up my check. Sneak up to HR- past the security + up the stairs.

"Hey there," the head of the HR dept. greets me. "Let me guess why you're here.."
"Che-" I start in, but don't get far.
"I heard on the radio its your birthday today."

Slap head.(mentally) Geez, I never should have called that 3 years ago, radio stations keep that info around forever + repeat it year after year.

"Yeah, it is."

"Happy birthday!" "Thanks."

"It's your birthday today?" Bill, another higher-up(company VIP) chimes in. "How old are you anyway- 19?"

"Not quite. I'm 25. (I've been there 6 years, as of next Tuesday) And I feel old."

"I don't even remember my 25th birthday, you're not old."

Its 10:30 AM, and the HR dept. is really buzzing today. (not typical for a Friday) The company
Annual Service Award banquet is at 12:30, and the VIP's/managers are attempting to quickly finish the urgent stuff and break out of there(for a weekend). Can't say I blame 'em, but I'm not sorry I've got today off.
Get check. Cash Check. Go home.

Do odds and ends around house, take nap. My mom calls(the one person on earth who couldn't forget this day). Go out to movie theater, cry over World Trade Center. (Nicholas Cage makes me cry anyway)

Traffic jam on interstate(which I purposely avoid). Take long way home, avoiding secondary roads as its flooding in several areas. And my yard is a swamp.

3 bottles of Seagrams Pineapple Coconut Calypso Colada(my twice-a-year alcohol indulgence) tops off the evening(and, the end to a perfect day).
All bdays should be so nice. (minus the rain, which we really could have done without)


Keith said...

This is too cool! You and I share the same birthdate. Sounds like it was good... mine too. Best wishes for a great year!

type1emt said...

Very cool-I agree.(haven't met very many other people born on that date!)Best wishes to you too..
Nice to see a new post on your blog again..wb.

julia said...

Happy birthday! (a day late)

Johnboy said...

Happy Birthday! (3 days late.) :-)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Happy belated birthday!

Minnesota Nice said...

Yeah, I don't even remember my 25th birthday either!!
Best wishes for good health in the coming year.

Anonymous said...

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