Friday, September 08, 2006

Paging, AO82

It was a totally new experience, this pharmacy.

Tucked away between Radiation Therapy and the Blood Donor Center, it was non-imposing, modern, bright and cheerful(on the set of double doors/surrounding woodwork). The other hospital cafeteria was right around the corner. Definatly a pleasant place.
Until one went inside.

The first line snakes 10 people deep, almost to the double doors. Overhead, the paging system spits out various letters + numbers-and then, I realize something. It is the DMV voice, nicely canned + adopted to a differant setting. There were at least 3 other lines to various other counters scattered around the room, + I(not being brave enough to try to possibly find the (right + shorter) line, stick with the receptionist.(first line) 15 minutes later..

She enters all the rx info,takes my card, and gives me the number.

But the path to the filled prescriptions doesn't end there... I take a seat, and wait. Those were just the pleasant preliminaries.

AO, apparently, is the about-to-hand-in-your-rx line. I am #82, and they're just now processing #71.
Wow, just wow.(and its only 11 AM) I could be here awhile. I count the E line, which is going backward from 50(I never do figure that one out)

30 minutes later..

Hand in rx's. They say it'll be done in 30 minutes, but I really doubt that. Decide to come back for them.

I go off to the research center(my handheld pda has been acting kind of funky, the variability index isn't computing right). Research coordinator is on the phone, and the endo is talking to the Research Center lead invesigator. (aka head honcho) I'm slightly intimidated, but you gotta do what you gotta do.. RC gets off the phone.

I knock, go in.

Variability index isn't reading right, because I haven't put in enough trials(data, bg numbers). RC says it may not give any readings for the rest of the 2 week period, even if I put in zillion of bgs. I really screwed it up, but I guess the computer still computes a VI when they download everything. Even if the pda isn't.

The endo, and the HH are discussing the fine nuances of the Dexcom, Guardian RT, and the Navigator.

And despite the recent addition of another year(one should be more mature, hey, many people would kill for how good I have it), I am overtaken by a sudden, strong surge of jealosy..Jealous, jealous, jealous. What I wouldn't give to be in one of those clinical trials. (I would give ALOT)

But I am in a clinical trial, where it most definatly would not work. (having a RT moniter) Because this one, is all about the feelings. (Getting in touch with your inner diabetic self) And that makes me ineligable for any other trials.. I may be more in touch with my diabetic self, but I'd rather have a RT moniter any day. Maybe in December,(when this trial ends) they'll have something (open).

I want one. Man, do I want one. Not that it would be perfect, I wouldn't expect that.
Just catching my highs(in particular) could lower my a1c to Endo-Extatic numbers. She'd say,
hey you're doing an awesome job, and I'd say its not me. Its all the moniter. I couldn't achieve an Endo-Approved a1c if I worked from now, to the cure. My life is way too sporadic(on and off the bandwagon) for that.

RC gives me more test strips and I head back to the pharmacy + get in line again. This time, the D acronym denotes the picker-uppers from the rest of the crowd. So, I get my new D number(110) and sit down to wait.
30 minutes later....

Rx's are done. Discover insurance company totally does NOT cover one of them. That makes the copay quite a bit juicier. Crud insurance company.

A lunch from the cafeteria...(chef salad) Bypass the sushi + calzones, even the sign makes me nauseus. (I would NEVER eat that stuff)

One last task remains, before I call it a day. Blood draw from the lab. The phlebotomist complements me on my cute "cellphone", and makes my day. (MY PUMP IS CUTE!WHOO HOO, its not my imagination. It came straight from the mouth of a Normal Person..)

(gastro appointment was earlier today, they did an ultrasound + they'll call me next week)

And thanks for the b'day wishes.

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cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

what a day that sounds!!!!

i kinda think my pump is cute too, i'm gonna ask what a "normal" person thinks now.