Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pinch me, Please

Last night, I had one of those bizzare diabetes dreams. Dreamed I was at work, half-listening to the familiar ramblings of my supivisor handing out orders like she lives in the White House.(Just like real life) She finishes, I move off to organize my work gear before starting in on the orders, not greatly enthused about starting.
I'm sitting there, minding my own business when my Ex-Endocrinologist walks by, confusing the heck out of me(since when did work turn into the hospital?and since when did he grow a beard?) + he sees me, walks over.
"Are you here for an appointment?"
"No-I'm not really sure what I'm here for." I know I should be working by now, my supivisor will be out on the war path in a minute. And I'm not sure why I'm suddenly clad in nice, black, funeral-ish looking dress attire.
He laughs.
"Are these your numbers?"
Before I can react, he's got The Notebook(#1) in hand, surfing through it in grand o'le style.
Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Oh NOOO. (Neither of The Notebooks have ever been read by anyone else but me) Not him, not now.
Stuff starts to fall out of it.
"No-NOT my numbers," I reply, mortified to death.
"What is it then?"
"Uh, you know, just stuff. About diabetes. Diabetes stuff." I'm tongue tied now, throughly at a loss for words. Duck under table, start to pick papers up, partly to hide flaming red face.
He flips to the back.
Recall what I posted in the back- the title of one such section being "The Top Ten Types of Endocrinologists in their Natural Habitats." I doubt that he'd find that part very humerous.
His eyebrows go up, but not one word does he say, as he quickly scans the pages. I can't tell if he's amused, disgusted, or sorry he ever had me as a patient.
Mercifully, not one word about it does he ever say, as he stands up, says goodbye, and takes his leave.
I wake up, my heart pounding away(and my blood sugar a comfortable 100 mg/dl). What a nice dream.

If parts of The Notebook ever makes it to book form, there will definatly be two versions. The Type 1 version and the Medical Professional (friendly) version.


Minnesota Nice said...

Way too bad we can't all be on the same page (that is, the docs and us) but alas I feel it will never happen..........I also wanted to tell you I was absolutely tickled pink to hear of another T1 with a fast response to Novolog - I felt like I was the only physiological freak in the fold, and when I was in the hospital had to nearly beat the nurses away because they insisted that I should be dosing before my meals rather than after.

- Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

just gonna go catch up with your blog!!!! but just to say i've found apidra no different to humalog. i've had crappy sugars on holiday so i guess the real test will be the next few weeks :)

right, off i go to read.

vic x

Anonymous said...

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