Monday, September 25, 2006

Obesity Skyrockets in Small VA Town

Saturday,I contributed (greatly) to the obesity epidemic in America.

I sold Coke by the zillions(seemed like) at my yard sale. And at .30 apiece, I left my competitors smoking in the dust.(although rumor had it, there was someone else selling theirs for .25, must have been across town, as it didn't hurt my business though) Even at .30 each, one makes a .10 profit per can, and, per each 12 pack, you get a Coke Reward code.(worth .50 on Ebay- total profit per 12 pack, $1.50) Sold alot of Coke Zero too. I felt guilty selling that real Coke to some of the people(who would have been better off drinking Diet), but they would have bought it somewhere else anyway. Its like cigerettes + alcohol- people love their bad habits. So, heck, if it leaves them .20 more to put toward their future gastric bypass surgeries, it does make me feel a bit better about selling it to them. Some people will not touch Diet anything, before the big D came to call, I was that way too.
Didn't do too badly at the yard sale either, cleared over $150..
Started to rain, so I drug everything back into my house + went over to my neighbors yard sale. Got a couple of videos.
Then, I went to the mall, hit up Bath+Body Works for their latest deals(8 handpump soaps,1 lip gloss, 4 Spa lotions, and 1 room spray for $31), Target(buy 2 Almay soaps, get a $5 gift card-I got $25 in gift cards), Kroger(converted my spare change to an $15 Amazon gift Code), FYE($15 Itunes gift card w/purchase of $20 in cds), + Kmart(albuterol pickup,winter is a'comin).
I love bargains, I am a Bargainaholic.
- - - -
And in other Obesity News,
get ready for an all new Monopoly-Mc Donalds eat-a-thon to begin,
come October 3.
Last year, I got so throughly sick of McDonalds free food,(off winning
gamepieces, which have to be used up before they expire in Nov.)
I couldn't stand to look at the stuff for two months. I didn't quite eat the stuff
for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but I still gained 10 pounds + my blood pressure
was high.(usually, its very normal) Cholesterol was unaffected, fortuantly.
(though, I don't recommend a holiday checkup if you're on this food craze)


cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

nice :O)

nice to know you've played a good part and enjoyed it!

vic xx

Anonymous said...

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