Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Top Ten Favorite Apps #4

I love my iphone 4. Regretfully, I'm probably TOO addicted to the thing..I mean, it does everything. Telephone, music,blog lists,exercise tracker(that's assuming I do to do lists,shopping/grocery lists,My Coke Reward counter,email, Twitter,etc. And making the upgrade from the 3G to the 4G was like going from Windows 95 to Windows XP..oh, so worth it. It is sleek, gorgeous, and amazingly fast. (it also drops calls but we won't get into that) It does 99% of the things I want.(flash & itunes syncing still not in the cards)It helps me study for anatomy whiles away the midnight hours on interesting games.

So here are my current Top Ten Favorite Apps for iphone/itouch. (nothing free about them..but totally worth it, IMO)

#1 iTinnitus This is designed to lessen that pesky ear ringing..& if you have tinnitus, you know how truly annoying it can be. Mine is genetic,& I've had it so long it doesn't both me most of the time, but during total silence you can't help but notice it. That's why I usually have background noise(fan, etc) going but that's not always possible. Setting the noise pitch to the tinnitus retrains the brain to lessen the signal coming from the ear, and thus, the tinnitus isn't so loud. And that's a wonderful thing. Cost: $4.99.

#2 Pocket Bacon. I got it when it was free..its relaxing to see bacon, sizzling away. I'm not sure I'd pay for it though.
Cost: $1.99

#3 Stupid Game,FREE. Tests how well you follow directions.(apparently, not well)

#4 AppAdvice. Hands down the best app recommend-er you will EVER encounter. It gives you lists,guides,(apple) news, appisodes(watch before you buy), etc. for the touch, iphone, and ipad. Cost: $1.99

#5 Food Scanner. Scan a upc, get complete caloric & nutritional info. It even adds up what you eat over the course of the day.(must plug in # of servings though) This is great for me, because I always end up with the smooshed labels that are impossible to read/figure out the carbs...this thing solves that dilemma. Cost: $0.99

#6 PixelPipe. Frees media to 100+ social networking sites. Cost: FREE

#7 Project365. Uploads to Facebook & Twitter. Good way to remember to do 1 pic a day. Cost: FREE

#8 Cup o' Joe Lite. Helps you wake up. Cost: FREE

#9 The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook. Over 9,000 recipes,in an illustrated, easy-to-read format. Exports to email. Has complete calorie/carb info. Cost: FREE

#10 The Onion. (What's not to love?) Cost: FREE

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Ooh! I love favorite app lists!

I totally need an iPhone 4.