Tuesday, August 10, 2010


25 is too young to die. 25 is just starting out,perhaps getting married,starting a family. 25 is younger then I am now.

But thousands of 25 year olds(and younger) are giving their lives to protect our freedoms in this country.And others,are giving their lives to help the unfortunate in other countries,like Afghanistan. But you never think that it will be missionaries,because they probably aren't even carrying guns & they have no military agenda. Innocents.

10 people died last week..doing what they knew how.Brutally murdered,at the hands of the Taliban,while providing medical care to a remote area of Afghanistan. They were Fathers.Brothers.A bride-to-be. And friends.

One of them I knew,growing up.(that part of the world is a small one) So the news hit like a ton of bricks. There's alot of feelings that go circulating around after something like this,& I won't lie to you & tell you that I'm just hunky-dory with every single religion out there,because I'm not.(yes,you have the right to practice it in this country..no,it's not a peaceful religion.) And that's where I stop on that subject,as I don't fancy blog stalking & retribution. It also makes me think about what I have(not) done with my life.

It's tragic,& I can't imagine what the families & close friends are going through..you can only hope that something good will come from it,that they touched some life for the better. They are released from their earthly sorrows now, safe with God.

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Michael Hoskins said...

I'm so very sorry to hear that, any my thoughts and prayers are with you as well as that family. We honor them in our thoughts, and must never forget what they give in our names. Somber appreciation and gratitude seem in order. Thank you for sharing this, though I'm sorry it was necessary in the first place.