Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Great AmeriCanadian Road Trip: Day 1

We started out about 9 am Sunday morning,to very gray skies.Said skies soon commenced to pouring rain. Crossed the border into Pennsylvania,stopped at several rest areas where we were greeted by Logger Dude & a bowl full of doggie biscuits.(welcoming the canines)

Stopped for lunch,at a Friendlys,& my connection was not good(at all) I actually conversed with my husband the entire time.
(my lunch)

(his lunch)

There are advantages to having a non-PWD spouse..the chief one being they can order the carby PB cup ice cream,eat most of it,yet still give you some. That worked for me,as I just wanted a taste..not the whole sugary shebang. There must be 120+ in even the small one's.

Never have I gotten a signal inside their restaurants,& their wifi never works..I think it is a conspiracy.(to get people of their phones & bonding with each other) Most of the ride from Northwestern PA was like that though,no signal. We finally got to the PA/NY border,where
we were briefly "welcomed" to the great state of New York,before the road ended in a barracade 50 yards later. Thanks for the welcome,New York. The GPS went into a "dead zone" & we had to go in a 30 minute loop before figuring out another route.

(White dots on road..anyone know what these are for?)

At dusk,we reached the bridge & border. That was fairly nerve wracking..neither of us have been to Canada & my husband's passport expires on Aug.24.But they let us in,after asking various logical(& not) security questions.

Drove to our hotel,checked in,went out & saw the fireworks.

After 45 minutes of walking,my bg hadn't budged an iota(150 before,150 after) That didn't bother me it was a better number then 7/9 of the days blood sugars.

And that was a wrap to day #1,it was exhausting.(& non-eventful)

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Genevieve said...

Hey Heidi!

I'm glad you were able to make it into Canada with your husbands almost expired passport. I had a friend turned away from Heathrow in London, England because her passport was set to expire in 6 months. I guess the 'good til' date is really only a suggestion for passports these days.

Anyway, I work in affiliation with Desert Springs Hospital and would love it if you could email me privately when you return!