Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Great AmeriCanadian Road Trip(-1)

Friday the 13th was spent forgetting my meter,forgetting my breakfast bolus,running around like a headless chicken attempting to get a million errands run,correcting the 313,baking/burning/scraping cookies,going to a peach festival & having some marvelous pit beef sandwiches & peaches & ice cream,selling out of the burned cookies regardless,spending 2.5 hours searching for my passport & drinking 2 juice boxes to prevent a low,despite the carbiness of said meal.And then my pump flashed a low battery alarm,on top of the low reservoir. I waited till today to change out,& when I put a new battery in it gave me a "no battery detected" alarm.Tried several more,no deal. This is not a message that you want to see less then 24 hours before your vacation. Called Animas..they had me inspect my battery case. (the inside had a small black blotch,presumed battery leakage) The pump,is history. So of course I had to get backup Lantus.

And they don't ship to Canada.(not allowed to) Which is where we'll be,for a significant amount of time. She tried to contact the reps in my area to see if they could help me out,no one responded. In the end,I just had 'em ship it to Thursday's Rendezvous with the Ohio Relatives (address) & accept my fate. RIP,little one. (of course,it couldn't die on the 13th or I could have gotten a replacement before leaving)

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh no! That sucks! Sorry to hear that you've got that headache to deal with while traveling. Major suckage.