Thursday, May 27, 2010

The American Finale

Dear Fox,(aka American Idol)

You had us all captive last night, what with an unexpected Brett Michael's appearance and a literal Pants on the Ground rendition. To be honest, it was a bit overkill(hurry up with the results already!) but I guess you wanted to make Simon's last night memorable.

I can now see why Simon really,really wants to get out-American Idol has degenerated into a "tween girl appeal" vote. You can be the best,but unless you're appealing to the younger set,you will not win American Idol.

And Crystal Bowersox was, quite simply, the best. The judges can't say so but the real champion last night walked away without the title. Crystal-you've inspired a nation & helped bring awareness to type 1 diabetes(in addition to being an amazing singer). And my hope for you, is that you get a record deal & outsell Lee DeWyze into obscurity. I hope you have only the best diabetes care from here on out,no one should have to beg for a medicine that keeps them alive. I hope you know that you are the REAL CHAMPION.

As for you, Fox,I hope that someday A.I. will be more then a popularity contest. Perhaps you should consider having two champions..a male, and a female. Until you do, the hearttrobs will continue to take the title & the really good singers will never win.



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