Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Blue Cross Blues

Dear Blue Cross and Blue Shield,

I'm writing to you today because I feel that the best thing you could possibly do for me is to NOT put me on your case management program.I know it's helped alot of PWD,but it never did a whole lot for me.I've refused to call you back(for quite some time,actually I think it's been 3 years) ever since the last convo that took place...

"Hi, I'm Sue! Can I speak with Heidi???!?"

"This is she."

"Oh,hi Heidi! I'm a nurse case manager with BCBS and we're helping people manage their die-uh-be-tus better. Can I ask you a few questions today?"


"How many times a day do you check your blood sugar & what do your numbers run?"

"7-10 times a day...they range from 50-400."

"That's just horrible. Have you discussed thus with your doctor?"

"Yes.That's just life with diabetes."

"But it's not normal,are you following your diet?"

(Mental headslap as it dawns on me that taking this call was a huge mistake)

"I try to eat healthy,yes."

"You really need to monitor everything so that you won't have any complications.Do you know what can happen with uncontrolled blood sugar levels?"

"Yes." (grrrrrrrrr)

"Oh,good.I can send you some information about diet and exercise,would you like that?"

"Thanks,but I have all the info I need,I see my doctor and educator reagerally."

"And have you had the A-1-C test?"

"Yes,many times,the latest was 7.9."

"Oh that's much too high.You need to get that down."

"I realize that,& I'm working on it."

By the end of the conversation,(besides feeling like I wanted to bawl) I vowed never to engage in conversation another one of your copy-and-paste phone nurses about any aspect of my D. A promise I kept.

Until today,when I politely let it be known that I wanted off the Bug The Patient To Death list. I know more about my diabetes then you guys do,& what I don't know I have a CDE/Endo who are totally awesome.I am satisfied with the care I get there, please just leave me alone. Neither your diabetes knowledge nor your bedside manner is anything I'd wish on a newly dx'd diabetic.


A Not-So-Enthused Plan Member

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Anonymous said...

I can't stand those phone calls either. They just don't seem to understand that diabetics do understand what they need to do. It's just diabetes is complicated sometimes and it doesn't go our way!

Scott S. said...

We know that these so-called "Disease Management" programs, all of which are usually outsourced to third-party providers, do not work all that well. Although they do help improve patient compliance with prescription drugs and in keeping appointments, but that's not the same thing as helping to control chronic diseases, its only a small piece of the total equation.

For example, a 2004 report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) raised concerns about these outsourced disease management programs, saying that there was "insufficient evidence" that disease management programs can reduce overall health spending, or generate savings for federal health programs such as Medicare, which prompted a bigger investigation into the issue.

Michael Hoskins said...

This is the same as those wonderful "Wellness Plans" that Anthem and others put you on... Completely Type 2 focused and not aimed to have any impact on chronic conditions. More headache then they're worth, though businesses and insurers get to feel all good about how preventative they're being.

chris bishop said...

Wow -

I think mot of us have that conversation at least once or twice before. I am thinking that there should be a requirement for employing these people:


maybe then these calls ight have some merit.

Scott K. Johnson said...

That is so frustrating. I've managed to avoid these calls so far, but have heard many experiences like yours.