Sunday, May 09, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week-A Day in the Life

(It's National DBlog Week,(courtesty of Karen at Bittersweet Diabetes),and though my life is generally pretty dull..I'm doing this post regardless. If you haven't committed yet, join in the fun!)

4 AM- My bladder wakes me up,my Dawn Phenomenon has gone to town and jumped from 150(10 pm) to 298. I am not going to waste precious sleep time trying to determine just whats gone wrong here,set,insulin,delayed fat kicking in,other hormones? I whip out a syringe and mainline 3 units of precious liquid into (plenty of)adipose tissue.Need this sucker to come down, quickly.

7:30 AM- Wake up, blood sugar check. Now down to 112. Dexcom confirmed to be in the same ballpark, at 121. Shoot up 15 mcg of Symlin. Eat breakfast(usually 2 waffles w/syrup,1/2 cup cottage cheese,a fig, and Diet Coke)Bolus for breakfast.

9:30 AM- Insert 2nd pump set, prime and fill Deltec for magnesium administration. Hook up, let run.(opposite side of body) Can someone say Bionic Woman?(2 pumps,Dexcom,iphone continuously on/near person)

10 AM- take multitude of other meds(amiloride,claritan,advil,Nasonex,multivitamin).
Wish it wasn't just diabetes to take care of every day. It's a full time job,keeping all these other meds in line.(or it just feels like it-I know it's really not(comparatively,to those individuals who take half the pharmacy on a daily basis)
Study. Check blood sugar again. (176)

12 PM- 101 mg/dl. Eat lunch. (Sandwich, chips,piece of fruit)

1 PM- Call CDE, review recent overnight bgs.

2PM- CDE calls me,to tweak overnight basals.(with Endo input) It's definatly a basal issue...repeated overnight checks show this to be the case. Switch times of when basal #2 starts, to handle dawn phenomenon.

3-6 PM- Class. Check blood sugar,doodle on iphone, and occasionally, yes,learn something.

4 PM-299. Crap. (didn't bolus enough) Bolus for that.

6 PM- 67, and tanking like a log. Treat. Drive across the street to McDonalds and order 100+ worth of carbohydrates from the menu and gorge down every one of them. Another Symlin injection. I have no self-control.

7 PM- Decide not to go to the gym.(claim blood sugar exhaustion) Head home,clean up.
Twitter.Facebook. Watch TV. Do laundry. Put out recycling and next day's trash.

8 PM-155. That's a decent number, postmeal.
9 PM-BRAAAP.(crosses the 180 mg/dl mark,which is my "high"mark on the Dexcom) Bolus correction.
10 PM-BRAAAP. (dips below 180 briefly,heads over it,and sits on 181) Durn delayed fat.
10:30 PM-BRAAAAP.(dips below 180) Finally heads down, for real.
11:30 PM-144. With that, it's off to bed. Looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow!

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Scott K. Johnson said...

It really doesn't feel like a lot of things most days, but when you look at it all typed out like that - it's no wonder we're exhausted half of the time!