Friday, May 14, 2010

The Exorcisest

Somewhere on the East Coast...

It's 4 pm, and a PWD is preparing to go to the gym.But first comes the mental checklist:

-Dexcom?( check)
-workout gear?( check)
-iPhone/music player?(check)
-glucose tabs/juice?(check)

Moderatly satisfied that she's covered every possible scenario,she heads out,first stopping at the fast food place for a salad. She checks her blood sugar(167),boluses for the salad, and waltzes into the gym,intent on a productive workout.All goes well,until she snags her tubing on the door to the locker room & yelps in pain as the infusion set rips itself out. Guess what-no backup set.She decides to keep an eye on it,& just keep the workout short.

First Stop,weights.That goes well,but the line on the Dexcom soon skyrockets.(stupid anaerobic activity) Ends at 238 mg/dl.

Takes a correction,via shot.Does 15 minutes of running.Feels like it's going nowhere, so ends early.Dexcom dips slightly.

Gets home,starving & proceeds to eat most of everything in the refridgerater,& invariably goes low anyway.

That's why I hate exercise,it makes me twice as hungry (no matter what I eat before,or during) ,sends my bg all over the map,and makes me ache all over. I don't go to the gym as often as I should,but I do get exercise around the house with housework,etc.(and walking to my classes 2x a week)I want to learn to swim this summer,that would be alot more fun the sweat-a-thon that the gym is.Exercise is too much work for very little reward.(or so it feels like)

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Cara said... :P I don't do it very often. But I think I'm going to try to start. I need it. LOL

Scott K. Johnson said...

You know, diabetes complicates the hell out of exercise. I swear we would all do it more if it didn't manlge our blood sugars.

I think the swimming thing would be sort of fun, which might help. But you should totally do some research on best ways to treat lows while swimming. Maybe you can keep something right at the edge of the pool? I dunno, not a swimmer (yet). But you know what I mean. Can't do a tab of glucose tablets while you're underwater... LOL!!